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    Design Media Arts at UCLA
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    Project: Design Media Arts at UCLA
    I was just thinking of places and our feelings and memories that are conjured up when we go to those places. In a airplane I feel a little anxious in the beginning, but then above the cities and clouds I get very reflective. Reflecting on the life that exists below on the surface. Actually I think anytime you are overlooking a city you get a reflective feeling, you see it as a whole. When I go to my parent's house I feel like I'm a teenager again, I remember family dinners, I feel really safe. When I go to the library I feel very smart, wanting to further research something. The library feels like a vestigial place of learning, a place that was at it's peak in Victorian times until film came along, then television and the internet.

    Linking feelings and memories to places, things, and abstract ideas is what I'm going to do for my project. Making an environment to enter where the senses are aroused to conjure these memories and in a sense step into the moment.

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