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    Design Media Arts at UCLA
    In the 1970s space colonies were considered to be a viable alternative to a life restricted to planet Earth. The design of cylindrical space...
    Now playing SpaceCollective
    Where forward thinking terrestrials share ideas and information about the state of the species, their planet and the universe, living the lives of science fiction. Introduction
    Featuring Powers of Ten by Charles and Ray Eames, based on an idea by Kees Boeke.
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    Memory Catcher
    Project: Design Media Arts at UCLA

    In my research and my personal life I try to explore what I don't know. In my research I've found very interesting things, but overall I've realized there is a lot that we don't know. Humans have an advantage to imagine and dream. We talk about our philosophy and ideas and my philosophy is that there is something after our lives that exists. There are memories that exist, we have memories in our minds, but also I think there is a larger space that holds these memories, a space around us. Even if it is not a physical thing, there is much about the world that we still don't know about, but one thing is for sure the mind and matter are very different.

    My proposal is very much for entertainment, but it also deals with preserving our history. To leave our mark for historical purposes and for puposes to preserve our soul.
    The history of people on the scale of individuals.

    People will be able to view lives of other people, view their lives, edit their lives, produce their lives in a way that can be preserved for others in the future to observe. The first process of accomplishing this will include recording the first hand nature including sight, sounds, temperature, brain activity, and location. The next process would be editing the "senses" to how you wanted to show your experiences or leaving them unedited. The experiences can be as edited to be as specific as October 7, 2020 or good times playing with my dog to being in the city of Prague. The last process would be presenting the information, which I imagine presented in a large place that has an enclosed view into outerspace, you can only see space until your individual memory experience starts playing. I would present on a free-space display so that would be no immediate walls or edges to focus on and to make the memory seem more virtual, cutting away the physical sense of the environment. The environment gives the viewer an apparent telepresence.
    "Telepresence refers to a set of technologies which allow a person to feel as if they were present, to give the appearance that they were present, or to have an effect, at a location other than their true location."

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    josh     Tue, May 8, 2007  Permanent link
    thats some hot technology. i checked out that company's website. i want one. i wonder if anyone would give me $20k so i can play...