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    Design Media Arts at UCLA
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    consciousness and beyond...
    Project: Design Media Arts at UCLA
    Recently I've been researching a few different things:
    1. Russian Ark
    A pretty amazing movie that follows a narrative in one take. It was filmed 3 times before they got the perfect one take film. This film is like a streaming memory in a way, especially that there are no cuts or angles, it was all done on a steady-cam by one person. In a way it could be said that this is the memory of the camera person, but we don't really know what's going on behind him, which could be pretty interesting to see. This film relates to how consciousness comes into my project. And of course consciousness leads to internal monologue which what we think internally while conscious.

    2. Brainwave Machines
    Another recent discovery of mine, with suggestions from Adam, has been these hypnagogic brain-wave machines that play with your senses to make you feel, see, and in my case remember different things.
    Vivid and dream-like, hypnagogic experiences occur as one is falling asleep or waking up—within the penumbra between sleep and waking or vice versa.

    Here's an example of Brion Gysin's Dreammachine, which is somthing I got inspiration from to use in my project. To use it, you close your eyes and images are formed in your mind through the light flashing thorough the holes at a certain rate 78RPMs which is a frequency at 8-13 pulses per second.

    3. Binaural Beats
    Very much like white noise, it's soothing and sometimes jolting sounds that are formed from two differing frequencies and it can produce relaxation through the entrainment of brainwaves.

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