Comment on Inspiring or Scary?

arjuna Wed, Mar 19, 2008
I think the Awe -some and some times terrifying realities and possibilities are part and parcel of what we are and what is to come. I thought the film was mainly objective in a speculating way about what we need to prepare for, whether some of the scary trends happen or find change of direction from our preparation (It's true I have only watched them twice and a bit and plan to give them more thought). its kind of saying to me don't be scared, be prepared. And get involved! Of course we need to stay conscious of our feelings. I found some things in there a bit scary too, yet the beauty and magic of it all is ours to engage. Courage is being able to act even in the clutch of fear. "It takes courage to enjoy it" to quote Bjork - Ah! just got the urge to share a video that has always brought me joy :)