Comment on Inspiring or Scary?

A0013237932294 Wed, Apr 25, 2007
Hmmm. I don't know if it's the best idea to edit out war and discard reality from our discussions and proposals. If we want our community to move beyond the safety of academic detachment, there are certain subjects that we will have to at least acknowledge, if not engage. War exists in our first life and Second Life as well (apparently along with genocide and dildo storms and other such strange expressions of human beingness). We can debate things like how war functions, if it is necessary, whether it it is possible to build future societies and space colonies without it, etc, but let's not limit our collective experiment by censoring our assesment of humanity the same way NASA white-washed the time capsule aboard Voyager 2. If we are serious about envisioning true global change, we need to begin by being brutally honest with who we are as a species. Just like in any 12-step program, we first acknowledge a problem, and then move on fast from there.

I do agree with Daniel that it is dangerous to overly fixate on the apocalyptic aspects of life on earth. As always balance is key. To focus too much on anything, whether it's violence or peace, skepticism or techno-optimism, means that you're not pulling back enough to get the full technicolor panorama. No system or reality is ever positive only, or negative only, it just is.™

SpaceCollective should be a place that embraces reality without being confined by it. We should have the courage to acknowledge confusing, conflicting and sometimes terrifying truths about our world, and then move forward with inspiration, intelligence and optimism.

Word up, Obviously Subtle.