Comment on Inspiring or Scary?

josh Mon, Apr 30, 2007
we remember the past because we document it. i remember what i did yesterday because my brain has committed the experience to memory. it becomes an understood reality for me. i want to be able to remember the future in the same way i remember the past.

in A0013237932294's short clip, there are many sequences of documents. solid forms of memory. then there is computer data, then electric current and perhaps more. our forms of "remembering" the past have become more efficient, more accurate and more tangible than ever before.

with the technology available, the present is almost immediately the past. the day of the VT shootings (and the week following) i continued to refresh the wiki page. the moment more information was available, it was already documented as a past experience.
The Virginia Tech massacre was a school shooting that unfolded as...

we are on the brink of crossing from only remembering the past to being able to remember the future.