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    Universal Interconnectivity: Planned or Random?
    Project: Emergence and Navigating Space
    A few years ago, I watched a movie called "I Heart Huckabees." I immediately fell in love with it. It brought up with this idea called "universal interconnectivity" which I found very interesting. The characters in the movie argue about the way how universal matters are happening. Some argue that things are just happening in a random way; some are debating that all events are connected through one another: like a blanket, all points on the blankets are linked together.

    I personally don't believe in god, so it is hard for me to believe things are all planned out. Things seem to always correspond to one another. There are always "causes" and "results."

    I begin to question : is this the same for everything in the universe? How these elements, dust, particles and matters are gathered? Are they gathering randomly or they are planned to act like that? Everything seems to follow various different rules. But are all these rules just results of some other rules? And also things seem to always have opposites: good vs. bad, here vs. there, and etc. Can comparisons be eliminated?

    The following are images I found fascinating : one from Space Collective, the other one from other source. Both of them are Buddhabrot images, images by a special rendering technique. These images somehow remind me of the happening of matters with complex and mysterious patterns.

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