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    The Satanic Bible
    Project: The Total Library
    As I'm sure many of you are aware, the COS (Church of Satan, not be confused with Cult of Scientology) is a religion started by Anton LaVey in the 60's. To quickly debunk; not related to black masses, sacrificing children or animals and not worshiping 'evil', 'demonic' or otherwise external deities.

    The Satanic Bible is the first text of LaVey's church, and without exposing too many secrets he intelligently and logically disassembles modern and traditional religions, both eastern and western while examining the importance of dogma and ritual to the emotional side of our beings. Also covered and explained are the various implications of Christian indoctrination upon society and individuals in their daily lives. LaVey stresses the importance of our carnal instincts and nature as animals in defining our existence, along with the significance of understanding and applying such understanding. While such ideas may seem very much like common knowledge to the general community of Space Collective there is a difference between knowledge of a thing, and acting or re-aligning oneself upon that knowledge.

    My reasoning for the proposal of such a book to "The Total Library" is to point out that while we may busy ourselves with the future, altruism & transhumanism, we should be at all times be conscious of our physical realities. Also; to understand the difference between emotional and intellectual understandings and beliefs.

    As the book itself states, it is not uncommon to see oneself reflected in it's pages and so on the grounds of redefining reality it falls a little short in such cases; however it is then to be considered as putting thoughts into words. For others however, it may act to define the harsher realities we all share- and the many that cannot see them.

    While I'm not suggesting you go out and become a Satanist, the philosophy presented within (especially 'the book of leviathan') is without a doubt interesting and inspiring- also a haven for elitists and (tongue in cheek) I can't say that doesn't include a fair proportion of Space Collective!

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    dragon     Sat, Apr 5, 2008  Permanent link
    What? No Comments? I had thought religion was taboo. Perhaps I was right. *cough* I'm not sure I agree with that stance then.
    Nikola     Sun, Apr 6, 2008  Permanent link
    I actually read the book and you're right- it's not really a demonic Satan-worship manifesto.
    Btw, none of those spells work :)
    oyahuasca     Thu, Feb 18, 2010  Permanent link
    I've also read the book about 7 years ago and although I might not agree with some of LaVey's reasoning, I do agree selectively with the commandments. For example, his warning of energy vampires (I don't remember if that is the exact name) if taken literally can make a person really paranoid and suspicious to psychiatrists :); but if processed thoroughly it is actually a remix of a proverb, "You are who you hang with", where a person can become depressed and unmotivated because of similar qualities in acquaintances around him or her. Not because an energy vampire is around! lol

    Usually people want credit for anything that they create, so I'm not surprised that it is considered LaVey's church. But as in all religions, some ideas are plausible and reasonable; some are downright ridiculous; it is our choice of values that allows us to filter them. So whatever radical or useful information that I got from this book, I also sifted through my personal filter.

    And I do agree on the paradox of the title and the actual content. Definitely worth a skim :)