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    From dragon's personal cargo

    Marijuana is pretty much illegal everywhere. Ever thought to wonder why?

    It's a pretty similar story to the electric car.

    Hemp can be used to make:

    • Plastics - biodegradable too

    • Paper - 4.1x as efficient as trees

    • Clothing - durable, the fibers are stronger than that of wood

    • Fuel

    • Food - the seeds contain lots of protein and two essential fatty acids that clean out cholesterol and can barely be found elsewhere in nature.

    It also has a massive carbon absorbency rate, can be grown nearly anywhere & reaches maturity in a matter of months.

    People have argued (and it's very disputable) that hemp could:

    • Make America energy independent

    • Solve world hunger

    • Help curb carbon emissions

    So why is it illegal?


    As has been evident throughout history, many people with power curb the world to best assist themselves.

    Harry Anslinger was appointed director of a division of the US Treasury Department called the Bureau of Narcotics in 1930 by his uncle in law named Andrew Mellon. Anslinger was an avid racist, and pot was known to be associated with blacks and hispanics. He built a great deal of his campaign on marijuana's use amongst what he considered the 'degenerate races'. So, personal career advancement was a big motive for him, but wait, there's more..

    Andrew Mellon; who appointed him his position, was a primary investor in Dupont, a company that had just patented a method of making various plastics. Making cannabis illegal would rule out the competition for companies like Dupont, because this would mean making hemp illegal as well. The image pot had developed in the media due in part to folks like Anslinger was a facade based on racism and circumstantial evidence with no scientific or medical substantiation that would serve the purposes of corporate greed.

    Anslinger's campaign was also supported by William Randolph Hearst, who owned a chain of newspapers that were printed on paper supplied by the hundreds of acres of timber forests he owned. His paper empire was threatened by hemp and its ability to produce as much paper in 1 acre as 4.1 acres of trees are capable of, so his motives are pretty obvious. It is also important to note that the racist, sensationalist articles he published in his newspapers that demonized marijuana helped him sell papers. Tarnishing the name and legal status of marijuana and in turn removing hemp from his competition was an extremely profitable endeavour for this guy.

    Right Now:

    Arguably hemp is a superior candidate to almost every resource our society runs on, which isn't exactly a favorable quality in the perspective of let's say, oil-tycoons. Not to mention alcohol and tobacco corporations (holding politicians in their pockets) would also lose profits due to the availability of a much cheaper substitute.

    The fact that marijuana is illegal really has virtually nothing to do with its psychoactive properties, aside from perhaps the fact that its users feel it has medicinal effects and it would be too cheap and easy (given its adaptive, un-patented & durable nature) an alternative for people to buying pills.

    It won't happen. The big wigs have too much money on the line. They allow very few clinical tests and a fear has been incited into the minds of the general public. But maybe.... Maybe hemp could save the world.

    Side note: Jesus and Marijuana (surely not?)

    Mon, Jun 2, 2008  Permanent link
    Categories: Hemp
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    P45C4L     Wed, Jun 4, 2008  Permanent link
    Thanks for your article. I like it.

    It's like Nikola Tesla's energy that could be transfert without cables. He got some powerful enemies because of it, and strangely they were manufacturing cables...

    One thing I like in the Movie "The Prestige" by Christopher Nolan, is Telsa been played by David Bowie. The fact that Edison is portrayed as a bad person, which seeks destruction of Tesla's work is intresting too.

    Same story again and again. But I do believe the world is changing...

    Last week I bought my 1st pair of "almost green" pair of NIke shoes. Made of hemp, PET, recycled rubber, and doesn't use glue. All the stuff used to build it comes from a circa of 200km around the factory in the US, so the worse actor in this story is ME, who asked for a shipping accros the ocean... (I am in Switzerland). But the Nike Eco concept is intresting, cost 37% less energy to produce a pair and uses 80% less chemical stuff...

    Pascal wearing Nike hemp shoes, (10 years ago I would have never believed it...)
         Tue, Jun 10, 2008  Permanent link
    Tesla was david bowie in that movie? whaaaaaat?

    Connecting this back to weed, both times I watched "The Prestige", I was too baked to understand it fully, the people all talked too strangely and olde-timey for me to digest it all fast enough to keep up with the pace of the story. It was a good movie, though, I got the surprise ending, that's all I really remember. hahaha... Back to hemp again, it's one of many wonder-savetheworld-things that gets a lot more attention than the many other ideal items for saving humanity which have possibly as much potential, and it's because it gets you high and the fact that there's a large culture around it, which frankly is kind of crossing the line between stoned and stupid too much for my tastes. I mean, what if everything crashes in the relatively near future like many say it will, and none of the people who survive that know how to grow today's strong hydro chron' and extoll its world-saving virtues today know how to grow plants other than yet including cannabis properly in a sustinence farming situation for the purpose of survival? Priorities?

    As for the shoes, they're shit in any case long shipping distance or otherwise. One word: greenwashing. If they really gave a fuck about anything other than profits then all their shoes would be like that, right? And I obnoxiously say this as I wear a pair of adidas runners and ecko boots around, as if I'm doing any better as a person, but really, greenwashing and astroturfing and things like that piss me off a lot, almost on a personal level, because it's such obviously destructive deception that does not get called out enough because so many people are allowing themselves to be ignorant and live in a sugar-coated caramel candy apple world full of worms.
    LED     Sat, Jun 14, 2008  Permanent link
    I have a picture:

    " Robt. Williams drew it during his employment at Roth Studios in the 1960s. It's meant to be folded in half and stapled on top of a baggie. I love that it has a punch hole marked for hanging on a standard retail display rack."
    ZoeWiseman     Mon, Jun 16, 2008  Permanent link
    Well - it's not illegal in the Netherlands, so why aren't they doing anything to "compete?" Or are they?
    LED     Thu, Jun 26, 2008  Permanent link
    Marijuana Has Anti-Inflammatory That Won't Get You High
    Richard A. Lovett
    for National Geographic News
    June 24, 2008

    A compound in marijuana may be a potent anti-inflammatory agent that won't get people high, scientists say.
    The finding could be a boon to sufferers of arthritis, cirrhosis, and other diseases. Existing drugs can be less effective for some people and can carry side effects, from stomach ulcers to increased risk of heart attacks.
    sjef     Thu, Jun 26, 2008  Permanent link
    ZoeWiseman: Technically, it is illegal in the Netherlands. Small amounts on your person, or a number of plants in your home are tolerated by law, as is the storage of a certain amount on the premises of coffeeshops for sale.
    Strangely enough though, up to the moment it passes through the coffeeshop door, it is just as illegal as any other drug in its class. Growers & dealers still get busted.

    Hemp (bred for fibre, not THC) is (or was) tolerated for growth by farmers to a certain extent (last I saw, which was 4 years ago though), and that gets used for the production of various products, but it's on nowhere near the scale necessary to 'compete' with their non-hemp equivalents. Basically almost everything made of hemp is sold as novelty, it's consuming audience consisting mostly of the culture referred to by dimitridb. Stoners and eco save-the-world types.
    ZoeWiseman     Thu, Jun 26, 2008  Permanent link
    It must be really really really "tolerated" then because I went to a large pot factory and was given as a present a very large tin full of the most potent shit on earth. I smoked a little and almost fell in the canal.

    Anyhoo... I didn't know it was illegal. After being introduced to the commercial pot factory I assumed that it was completely legal.

    Interesting. The cops must be stoned too.
         Fri, Jun 27, 2008  Permanent link
    Cops are people too :)

    And good, honest people have better things to do than give other people shit and waste both party's time on frivolous things, unless of course, you live in the growing majority of the world that's become more or less something of a police state by this time.