Comment on What do we do with the masses?

dragon Wed, Jun 25, 2008
I'm not looking for a superior being. The human 'ego' drives ambition, imagination and creativity (not to mention greed, lust and pride) and I can't exactly see why getting rid of one would be a good thing. IF that's what you're trying to get at...

In terms of morality- master/slave are characteristic and popular moralities adopted by two very different kinds of people. I'm not advocating one as being more valid that another — simply that they interact in a potentially dangerous way.

Consider this; as an allegory: I give everyone in the world a nuke. I give them a detonator, and I tell them to go out and live their lives. Undoubtedly someone will push the button (be it anger, disappointment, an accident, rage etc etc), I would be betting worldwide nuclear holocaust in under 24 hours. So while the danger (arguably) of 'playing with ourselves' (making ourselves stronger, smarter and therefore potentially more cunning and ruthless) is significantly less than that of the previous allegory it is a danger none the less.

The point about 'a bunch of smart people' is interesting, mainly because you're right. And that's what I'm trying to get at. The people who will most probably make the decisions are not the one's who are best suited to it. What could be the consequences of this? (I'm thinking bad)

-on a further note: is danger bad? (queue six thousand word essay)