Comment on What do we do with the masses?

dragon Sat, Jul 12, 2008

There is a recurring theme of trying to create a 'vastly superior', impartial, overlooking, smart, powerful thing/person/organization/computer to control and manage these new technologies. This is fine. That is what governments are (or are supposed to be). These are obviously not without problems, and people will always find some reason to go against any established authority.

Human 2.0 will just be another step in our evolution, where human 3.0 is vastly superior and views 2.0 to be very primitive

Firstly, this is probably not a good thing, if we think of peace, security & equality as positive things within society. Secondly- it's weird to think of us as we exist now as say Human 1.0, we are a fluid dynamically evolving species. Thirdly, bigotry is a natural human tendency - do we remove this? or let the shit fly?

(What would you think about a book set in a world with humans, along with 2.0 and 3.0 where the 'purebreds' decide to get rid of the snotty think-they're-better-than-us interface capable?- I see lots of violence)

Thanks for taking the time to respond. There are a few more things I could debate, your idea of purpose for instance,