Comment on What do we do with the masses?

ohmybrokenleg Wed, Jan 28, 2009
Ok, I dont speak good English, but hope this idea reaches your creative attention:
'egolution'. I suppose some of your writers whose texts I couldt get has used the term before,
that would imply a suggestion to find in the inmediate future a way of organizing multindividual plexus of micro-consciences, not a progression but a metàbasis alló genós, a jump of dimension.

As for Nietzsche's quotations, I find them taken out of place, and suggest for an accurate reading of his more complex 'bundle-masquerade of gestures' the postumous fragments, mainly those related to power and death, there can be a good power, there must be some degrees of such possibility, or there wont be anything. Massacre of any group means organization of nonsense menasn giving negativity the tools of fair willingness, something like that.