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    Do we still need a God?
    A while ago I began to question everything that was emerging as common ground within our/my generation.

    We are all special, unique, hypocrites and most importantly always right. We are the exception to every rule, powerful but helpless and insecure. The internet has created grounds for multi-faceted identity like never before and its ability and availabilty as a resource for teaching and learning is far beyond what anyone could have imagined.

    Our predjudices have exposed themselves through our opinions, values and language in a time when political correctness has overtaken common sense within the orginisations we trust to govern and take care of our futures.

    As a generation we have rejected God. On the personal level, this has many attractive qualities:

    • More personal power and confidence, self-belief

    • A step in the right direction of the search for 'truth'

    • Fitting in with the popular opinion, conformity

    However, when viewed from a societal standpoint a few issues arise:

    • Bringing foreground to the common prejudice of being better than others. Opposed to the common assumptions of equality and balance, of fairness and mutual respect.

    • United atheist militant (in reference to strictness of views) anti-religion pro-science crowd

    • Herd conformist, self-righteous morality built on the very religion(s) that are being criticized as lies. By proxy such morality is built on lies and deceit and therefore unproven and for the most part contradictory to self-evident principles.

    Is it too out of line to suggest that perhaps the masses still need a God? To keep them in line? Tell them the way things are? (God is in the television)

    We already live in a hierarchical society, why can't we leave God to take care and govern over our weak, so that the strong may feed off them?

    Are the wills of many worth more than the wills of the few? What if the wills of the many become the wills of their own? What if their wills are governed by something new they can believe in? And what if someone already had control of this new God?

    Perhaps it's time we reinvented God to suit our modern society?; the value of Gods has changed immensely through human history, from warmongers and fearful overlords to good luck charms. It's too bad the common idea of God these days does not stretch beyond the benevolent, modern, Christian perspective — which is a great deal different to the God Jesus described, or the God that would have been worshiped in and before his times.

    God should never be for everyone, not the same one. But that doesn't mean that we have to throw the idea away forever? What are the alternatives?

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