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    Community Project Idea
    Project: Polytopia
    Get between 5 and 50 writers from space collective to each write chapters for a book, to then be collaborated and edited together and plausibly published. Most probably online.

    To go with the whole spacecollective thing some kind of science fiction springs to mind, or possibly modern philosophy from the perspectives of so many great young minds.

    To outline how I think something like this might operate I'll use the philosophy example...

    A bunch of chapters covering various phenomena and trends of our world and the future.

    Love, Religion, Politics, Language, Music, Education, Power, Friendship, Internet & Communication. (+ insert other ideas)

    Everyone being more than welcome to contribute, and give their part and spin to each and every topic. Then separate it out into a range of perspectives and views from different people on the same thing to give a scope of our generation and our dreams. Then sort the gold from the crap and bring together something (plausibly) magnificent.

    Ten topics, ten people write 1000 words on each topic (I'm sure lots of us could easily come up with 5000+ on any one of those topics), that's 100,000 words, and a publishable length.

    Just an idea. What do you think?

    Thu, Aug 28, 2008  Permanent link

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    rene     Fri, Aug 29, 2008  Permanent link
    I think this is an excellent idea Dragon. We've been talking about something similar with a serious publisher with whom we are exploring some possible SpaceCollective book concepts. In our thinking up till now we have been putting the emphasis on pieces that have already been written, which may be more effective than inviting people to write on pre-determined subjects specifically for the occasion. Although your more structured approach could certainly be a part of it, and for that matter worth a try, it appears that once there are more conventional objectives (i.e. academic projects imposing reviews, deadlines and grading someone's work) something tends to get lost. The best ideas come about when there are no ulterior motives other than the
    voluntary desire to cooperate/share/connect/interact with other minds, towards an increase in combined intelligence
    as Wildcat puts it in his recent post. Either way, bundling some of these ideas in a publication will create a new level of accessibility and help promote the great content that keeps emerging here. Let's continue to share ideas about the most desirable ways to pursue this goal.
    Xarene     Mon, Sep 1, 2008  Permanent link
    I can only comment by adding the two synapses... ;)