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    Dreamcrusher "Grudge2" EP

    Dreamcrusher "Grudge2" EP

    1. PSA 05:57
    2. Octavia Butler 03:40
    3. Youth Problem (feat. Alice Glass) 03:56
    4. Pristine Convenience 06:16
    5. Naked 04:34

    released November 14, 2018


    c+p 2018 corpus c+p 2018 dreamcrusher/nexus nectarine music by dreamcrusher cover image by asha eifa maura cover design by luwayne glass recorded at corpus / nexus nectarine studios nyc recorded by harlan steed engineered and mastered by will mcnair / sermon3 “psa” contains replayed elements of “kiss ass (to your peer group)” originally by no trend “youth problem” features vocals by alice glass who is represented by loma vista released by corpus visual production by ceno

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