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    The Third Level
    The Third Level
    [Los Angeles, 2006]
    scenario: deterritorialization, slippage/liberation, schizophrenia

    Borrowing from Jack Finney’s short story “The Third Level,” I imagined an entry-port that takes you to another world of another time and space. When you enter this rabbit hole, it spits you back out into the streets, but into different streets of another dimension. The hole spits you back like in “Being John Malkovich” which takes you through unstabilization and deterritorialization (hypnosis), where rhizomes are a lifestyle (of endlessness). All boundaries are porous, so you may always enter and escape any state (of mind). The real and the virtual co-exist and are superposed, You are able to be here and there, now and then, existing in- and infecting the quantum realm (schizo).

    Francois Roche: “I’ve heard about something that builds up only through multiple, heterogeneous and contradictory scenarios, something that rejects even the idea of a possible prediction about its form of growth of future typology... something shapeless grafted onto existing tissue, something that needs no vanishing point to justify itself but instead welcomes a quivering existence immersed in a real-time vibratory state, here and now.”

    Francois Roustang: “You are one of the nerve endings of this body that is a city, you are at the center where it all interconnects, of a multitude of pulses, and you feel the growth of this body that is a city like an extension of your own corporality. No one can make you accept a form that didn’t feel right to you first, and no authority can take it from you. No morality can be dictated from on high... You are this body that is a city and you feel it growing.”

    infiltration into the third level

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