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    Festival Abierto
    version 1

    Panama 2012
    as Founder and Executive Director
    w/ Fundación ParqueArte


    _A Free Festival project for Education, Culture and Science in Panama.

    Festival Abierto is a social experiment that seeks to promote, educate, and inspire the population about Earth’s future and the value of our resources. It is birthed from the dream of living in a clean Panama where citizens are environmentally conscious, and their actions have a positive and concrete impact towards the sustainability of our environment.

    Promoted by Fundación ParqueArte, in partnership with local artists, private institutions, and global corporations, Festival Abierto is the largest free cultural event in Panama, held in Parque Omar. On Earth Day weekend 2012, the inaugural event hosted over 10,000 people interacting with carefully curated NGO exhibitions, housed in custom designed pavilions built from recycled prefab materials and solar powered energy.

    With a three year commitment from the Office of First Lady of Panama, Festival Abierto's mission is to create an open platform that gathers non-profit organizations, institutions, and businesses alike to build a collective voice on sustainability and the safe guarding of our planet.

    Upholding the three pillars of education, culture and science, Festival Abierto creates an atmosphere where people not only learn about sustainability, but also experience it first hand through family-friendly activities.

    The Abierto team believes that true social change comes from the passion of the people; and passion can be inspired through an investment in education, culture, and science.

    Tetra Pak
    La Prensa
    The Office of the First Lady of Panama
    Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute
    INAC - (National Institute of Culture)
    Biblioteca Nacional Ernesto J. Castillero R.
    TBWA Panama

    click here for our facebook link
    click here for our YouTube channel
    click here to follow us on twitter
    click here to participate in our collective art project!

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