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    Isabela's Island


    "Uncertain if it was during a travel in her dream or in a far distant life-time, she carefully went collecting ten volcanic eruptions along the way - each one giving her the magical courage to imagine and the curiosity to ask inconceivable questions. Each explosion arranged in distinct stages of her unique impressions, fantasies and deep desires, which eventually formed in her memories the windows to her lustrous life to come. Could it be that she had been here already? A calling never fulfilled? A beautiful second chance before an unbearable vicious circle of missed trusts and hesitations..."

    Inspired during a visit to Gapalagos Islands, Ecuador 2014

    as makeSHIFT:NOW
    Jong Hwa Duly Lee (principal)
    Elias Mendoza (project assistant)
    Kenny Valdespino (project assistant)

    Donation for Museo de Arte Contemporaneo (MAC)
    Panama City, May 2014

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