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My main goal is to present the Spidron project we develop with my friends for years. it is a system of triangles with extraordinary properties in space and time.
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    Celebrate the New Geometry - It was born TODAY
    Dear friends, and loved ones!

    Listen to the new geometry based on
    fluid physics vortex-, swirl dynamics,
    and (only!) 2D Eucledian geometry!

    No more Eucledian dimension exists!
    All the rest is only a trick, "space" of manipulation or a result of a birth trauma.
    When we had to experience the existence of gravity instead of the equilibrium and unorienatbility of our reception in the womb of our mother.

    The rest of the dimensions are the values and measures
    of the embedding physical world's properties.

    Break the mirror now!

    You can link the so called THIRD dimension's parameters
    to the points - defined by x and y parameters - of the Eucledian ones
    in infinite ways like: gravity, time, colour, temperature, popularity, smell or fear.
    Each of these parameters are only randomly choosen properties,
    just like the measure of the illusion what you are insisiting on,
    the 3rd dimension. It does not exist at all! All right?

    • There is no Spheric Geometry.
      I deny

    • There is no Hyperbolic Geometry.
      I deny

    • There are no 8 Geometries, at all
      only some, maybe only one

    Can you release it? Keep on trying! It takes some time, for sure...
    ... but at last ...
    ... the life will be happier for all of us - suddenly.


    d erdély
    cell: +36 70 514 8885

    Sat, Sep 12, 2009  Permanent link

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    nagash     Sat, Sep 12, 2009  Permanent link
    not sure if you can convince anyone with those (non-existing) arguments...
    edanet     Sun, Sep 13, 2009  Permanent link
    I have some followers.
    Very nice guys!


    p.s. More details in Hungarian
    we are going to translate, but Wolfram is going to steel my ideas, so I have to be in hurry.
    hu-hu-hu, ha-ha-ha

    crazy bull, wonderful night, rolling sun
    I am sure, it will be clear, but it takes time.
    You know, I am the first, who understood the real - oh forget "real".
    Better to wait some weeks :o)
    nagash     Fri, Sep 18, 2009  Permanent link
    I'm waiting : )