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My main goal is to present the Spidron project we develop with my friends for years. it is a system of triangles with extraordinary properties in space and time.
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    Stephen Wolfram did not Consider the Torsionles Deformations of the Plain Disk that are Characteristic to its Extension.
    At least in his book, Published in 2002 and spread worldwide since then.
    After I contacted his Company, Wolfram Research Ins., which is the developer of the famous software, Mathematica, I informed them about my new invention in 2009. This is the SpHidron deformation, based on my own 30 years long research of Spidrons. You can see examples of this new kind of deformation below in this page.

    This series of possible deformations does not contain my SpHidron deformation.

    He and his company did not want to publish anything about Spidrons, saying there is no scientific publication about the topic, what is actually not true, as we with my colleagues, The Spidron Team published several papers in the Proceedings of the World Conference on Art and Math - BRIDGES, and we published a paper with Mr. Lajos Szilassi in the Publication of the University of Pecs and Karlsruhe in 2004:

    There was published my website also in the MathForum in 2004:

    After more mail we changed, Mr. Eric Weisstein erased the only link to my old webpage, disappearing all informations from their web portal, while he and his colleagues are publishing different articles close to my investigations. I decided to go to Atlanta, to talk personally with Mr. Stephen Wolfram. I asked him to give me some minutes to clarify the situation on the first day I arrived to the Gathering for Gardner 9, where he was an invited speaker. He said, ok, but until the last day he did not came to me, in spite I was always around in this small space of the Conference, and the garden party we were invited together to Tom Rodges house. On the last day I asked a nice man to give to Stephen my business card, and tell him that it is my note on the back of the little card. I wrote to Stephen asking his pardon for my rude manner when I wrote to his colleagues after asking them to actualize my spidron links. They did not, but I reacted it too angrily, so I thought it is the best to ask Mr. Wolfram excuse. After returning home I tried to send again the paper on spidrons and I got a mail from the company, saying that they can not open the pdf file. At that moment I sent the file to the gentleman who helped me to contact Stephen in Atlanta, asking him to forward my file to the Wolfram Research. Till then I have no reaction from them, only I had to experience, that my old link also disappeared.

    More SpHidron Creatures & Sketches After G4G9

    Complex SpHidron deformation around vortexes on different intersecting planes

    Deformations around th origo of 3 2-dimensional planes

    Sketch on the transfer of the SpHidron deformation at the edge of the intersecting planes

    Nicely deforming planar disc around four logarithmic SpHidron arms

    Mathematical theoretical remarks on the even an simultenous Sphidron deformations

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