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My main goal is to present the Spidron project we develop with my friends for years. it is a system of triangles with extraordinary properties in space and time.
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    Freedom for Geréb Ági, Unconditionally and NOW!
    Home-birth Midwife Ágnes Geréb Jailed in Hungary - Take Action Now!

    NOW! Freedom for Gereb Agi! The Midwife of Every 1000th Hungarian Citizen!

    The issue of midwife-assisted planned home-birth has been unresolved in Hungary for a long time. Despite well over ten years of efforts by activists, the area is still not regulated at all. Dr. Ágnes Geréb, qualified obstetrician and independent midwife, has been attending home births in a legal vacuum for two decades. On Tuesday, October 5th, she was arrested and placed in remand custody after an a controversial incident whose exact details are as yet unclear. She is used to persecution as she has had her obstetrician's licence suspended in dubious circumstances and criminal proceedings are in progress against her based on other highly contested incidents, but this is the first time she was actually put in jail and paraded in handcuffs and ankle chains in court. She awaits her court hearings on old and new charges in almost complete isolation, without access to a phone and without visitors. The Hungarian "experts" testifying against her are hospital obstetricians with little knowledge and no first-hand experience of midwife-assisted out-of-hospital birth who are largely unaware of the scientific evidence on the subject. It is not unreasonable to suppose that the witch-hunt is orchestrated by the lobby of gynecologists and obstetricians who are misinformed about the subject and who are also protecting their dominance of the field along with their vested financial interests.

    Freedom for Geréb Ági, Unconditionally and NOW!

    The statement below was issued by Physicians for Freedom and Safety in Childbirth, an organisation of Hungarian doctors who promote choice and safety in childbirth.

    Thank you for Imre Szebik for composing and to my Friend, Balazs for translating this text!

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