Comment on Nootropics for Lucid Dreaming

gamma Tue, Apr 5, 2011
My initial opinion was that I cannot feel anything special. The weather seemed really nice that morning, it was a great day! I think that this was how good the Rhodiola was. It was perhaps as good as a dash of optimism. Maybe it worked for half an hour, but I definitely forgot that I drank it after lunch (and ever).

I continued drinking it every morning, and nothing happened. After a pause of several days, maybe it worked slightly. The weather was bad - it started to rain, but I had the same or similar thought - how nice the sky was to my eyes.

I think that it did improve the lucid dreaming, but I cannot judge well really.

I had an entirely different reason for taking Rhodiola. I have an inconvenient diagnosis from eye doctor, increased pressure. The pressure is slightly over the upper limit, but there is not any evidence for the glaucoma (damage...). However, the diagnosis is a pain in the ass. I am one of the people who have higher pressure normally, so I have to keep measuring it forever. Meanwhile, one doctor stated that I could be depressed. So I decided to check by applying the antidepressant, Rhodiola. I have no idea whether I undepressed myself. The pressure seems to be the same.