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    Public domain liberation
    It's time to accelerate to process of moving away from everything that does nothing optimal for the freedom to understand this world. The institutions of supposed education which teach most children to be aversive to learning, that which creates an environment of suffocation of knowledge all for the gains of people who did NOTHING to come up with much of the knowledge itself, is about to be outmoded. It's on due time that we are starting on the strength towards obsolescing it with something much brighter, that teaches people to love knowing more, that encourages critical thinking, against absolutism and towards a higher multiplicity of perspectives weighed out thoughtfully, and a hyperspatial flight into the FREEDOM TO UNDERSTAND CLEARLY. We have so much potential with our technology to invent a future where we can go much further with the constant process of justly unveiling truth, to inspire mindfulness which ceases the clouding of judgement, and to carry us out of the plague of ignorance that is destroying the lives of so many beings on this planet. The entelechy of these things is just beginning to show its luminosity, and it involves the efforts of all of us to make it even brighter.

    This archive contains 18,592 scientific publications totaling
    33GiB, all from Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society
    and which should be available to everyone at no cost, but most
    have previously only been made available at high prices through
    paywall gatekeepers like JSTOR.

    (If the torrent isn't working for you try here:  )


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    gamma     Sun, Jul 24, 2011  Permanent link
    I study and write by using a 100 gigs library on my own computer. Life would be very ugly for me if I did not steal tens of programs and hundreds of books. But, I would again tell people to buy books. I am more concerned with solving the format for the global tree of knowledge, just for the sake of solving the puzzle of quotations, simplicity, trust... perhaps transparency.