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    How to upgrade?
    "We exist in a bizzare combination of Stone Age emotions, medieval buereacracy, and god-like technology." — Edward O. Wilson, 2008 (author of On Human Nature)

    I like how the person who told me the quote told me from memory that it was 'Bureaucracy' rather than 'Beliefs', as he recalled it from falsified memory. I think of this mistake actually as a more accurate evolution of the idea 'epigenetically' (epimimetically?) evolved from the environment change towards the age of what comes when the world is filled with digital natives. I looked up the quote to see who it was from in order to find this discrepancy out, as a case in point. I'm guessing the average user base of this site has been using the internet for about as long (~10 years or so, again on guessed average? I've been online since 1997, and I've been around for about 22 years) — Can you relate? Will us who understand that we may well have an imperative to work upon bringing bureaucracy and emotion up to speed with technology allow the others who don't get it yet to understand in time, before things become much more awful for most?

    We've got a lot of technologies which need upgrading which aren't keeping in pace with the development of information technology. I personally feel the main mostly technological ones are the monetary, judicial and governmental systems (Although I might have more clearly in mind at some point in the future). I think that a big part of the problems with these systems is that they are still driven by emotional and bureaucratic engines.

    “There are no political solutions, only technological ones; the rest is propaganda.” — Jacques Ellul

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    elysium     Wed, Feb 1, 2012  Permanent link
    No arguments are to be looked at with more suspicion than those which, from the acknowledged impossibility of attaining to perfection, would infer that it is absurd to attempt the nearest possible approximation to it. If a system be erroneous, the very consequences of its errors generally constitute the most powerful impediment to a correction of it. But, if that impediment were to be held conclusive, the result would be no other than this — that the errors of inadvertency, where they have prevailed for a certain time, are, upon discovery of their nature, to be persevered in from deliberation and choice. — William Huskisson, 1810, talking bout the currency depreciation in 1810