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Emerson Taymor (M, 33)
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I am a Design|Media Arts major at UCLA minoring in Global Studies. I am an amateur magician and gastronomic.
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    Project 2: Phase 5 - Ummts...
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    Project 2: Phase 5 - Ummts...
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    Emergence and Navigating...
    Develop a generative, emergent process to fill space (2D or 3D) using only black lines. Modify a known process or invent your own. Implement your...
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    Attraction, Curves and Intersections: 2
    Project: Emergence and Navigating Space
    I have looked through so many images, websites, applets, etc, that I feel quite overwhelmed. I am definitely looking forward to jumping into the programming and running with where the wind takes me on this one.

    That being said, I will try to get some of the key points and images down here so I have a starting place.

    Key points to hit on

    • Attraction / Attractors

    • Intersections

    • Fractal image

    • Many different resulting images. Each process should hopefully be a unique experience/image

    Key sites of research
    I have gone through a lot of research in the realworld and online, but some of my critical areas of research that I think will help me create my finished project the most are:



    • Whitney Artport with REAS software structures

    • Shiffman's the Nature of Code


    These sites have a lot of useful examples, algorithms, etc that will assist me in my final design.

    There are a number of attractors/attraction types that I have looked through (particular on the Shiffman and Bourke sites). I am really interested in using one or multiples of these to control the motion that allows me to create my final image.

    After going through a lot of work of other artists working on similar things, I saw many ways that the final image was produced. Some people used the actual shape or object and just kept it throughout. Other times, the artist used the path of the motion, and yet other times they just showed the intersections of the lines. Although, I may definitely consider using the path of the object (I don't want to rule it out 100% yet), I am definitely leaning towards only displaying the intersections of the shapes I end up going with. For a good example of this consult the REAS project on the Whitney Artport.

    Fractal Image
    Quite simply I want the image to be made up of many replications of the same image.

    Many different resulting images. Each process should hopefully be a unique experience/image

    This is something I am EXTREMELY STOKED for. After going through a lot of examples, I really loved the ones where there were thousands of different varieties of the same image that could be produced depending on random variables changing in the process. What I really enjoyed about this process was that at the end of the project you could display an individual image and it would be stunning, or you could display an exquisite compilation of multiple outputs displayed in a grid. I realized that this type of creation, I have not really explored in programming. Most of my pieces haven't created multiple possibilities of images and I think that the ones that I have seen so far that do, create incredible works of art.

    Just looking at all the images I have over the past few days have sparked so many ideas, and I am really excited to jump into the code and I think my ideas may become a bit more clear as I experiment.

    Few other things I have thought about concept wise
    • Data Visualization
      • The final image should be based on some sort of data set. Image created based on Tsunami::Flickr Link of it. I really think it is awesome to create data visualizations as I think it can bring meaning to a piece. This may be something I end up going with for this project or another one. I have been looking at Ben Fry's new book: Data Visualization.

    • Swarm Intelligence
      • I looked at algorithms of swarm intelligence and did some personal research on it. I don't know if I will be able to create the aesthetic I am looking for using it, but it is definitely something I will consider.

    Random other images

    Images taken from:

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