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    Analizing nature (again)
    Last week apears an incredible video related with the concepts i had explain on an old post "Nature v2".

    The experiment is based on a high-speed camera (2000fps) that shows that water droplets really do bounce, thanks to a thin layer of air separating the drops from the water surface, some drops create a wave causing them to leap up.

    The dorps are bouncing to the infinity until it contains water (/2 on every bounce). It's strange to understand, but it's incredible clear when you see the video.

    Can the principles of the nature go to a new, and democraticed frontier? I'm sure that this kind of videos will inspire new and original sustainable developments in near future.

    Fri, Oct 30, 2009  Permanent link
    Categories: future, nature, progress, democracy
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    weather     Fri, Oct 30, 2009  Permanent link
    first post...hai :)

    I hold hope that media and research like this will, by being more accessible to people, renew a sense of awe for the nature of nature, heh.

    If your inspirations are in the water element right now I highly recommend Eric Gustafsons documentary 'Water'. Which sidesteps the recent doomsday trend in nature films and focuses on the mysterious qualities of the element that could very well hold the secrets of the evolution of life!.

    For example the notion that the molecular configuration of water changes when specific intentions or emotions are focused on it, or that by the time we receive our drinking water through our taps after it journeys through hundreds of pipes and tubes most of the vitality and energetic nutrition that it contained is lost, to elaborate on this (referenced from 'The Secret Life of Plants) research has been conducted where vital water was given to a group of plants and non vital given to another group. The vital group grow 3 times faster and yielded 3 times more than the nonvital plants.

    Reflect on the fact that we are 2/3rds water, I'll let you draw your own conclusions from that.