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    New Backpack Makes 3D Maps of Buildings
    Thursday, August 12, 2010

    A new backpack laden with cameras and laser scanners could be the newest architectural breakthrough that enables its wearer to create a 3D map of any building - even confounding mazes like Dwinelle Hall - simply by walking through it.

    A nine-person team of UC Berkeley researchers led by professor Avideh Zakhor from the campus department of electrical engineering and computer sciences recently completed a prototype backpack equipped with six laser scanners and four cameras that researchers said could serve civilian and military purposes.

    While the laser scanners map a building's interior, the backpack's cameras simultaneously take photographs as the wearer walks through the environment. Then, the photographs are mapped onto the 3D model created from the scans to make it "photorealistic," Zakhor said. The time needed to build the 3D model from the scans is roughly equivalent to the time it takes to carry the backpack through the interior space, according to Zakhor.

    In 2007, the team began the project - sponsored and funded by the Army Research Office - to develop the technology used to model indoor environments.


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