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    Tron-Cyberspace Gamble
    Tron Legacy comes out in theaters this Friday 12.17.2010!!!

    Tron: Website
    Tron Concept HD Video
    2010 Tron trailer#1
    2010 Tron trailer#2
    2010 Tron trailer#3
    1982 Tron trailer

    Director: Joseph Kosinski
    Kolsinski's past work:

    Daft Punk:
    The soundtrack was scored by Daft Punk who enlisted a 85 piece orchestra for its 22 track realization. They even have a cameo in the film.
    Album here
    Tron music video

    Side note: If you've never seen Daft Punk's movie from 2006 Eletrorma its worth checking out.

    Full Article NewYork Times

    THE very first feature that Joseph Kosinski has ever directed — “Tron: Legacy” — cruises into theaters on Dec. 17, and it’s not exactly a cinematic baby step. A $170 million budget. State-of-the-art 3-D visual effects. A three-year marketing campaign. An extensive line of related toys, clothes, jewelry and electronics. A spinoff television show. Theme park tie-ins. Overt hopes for a sequel.

    Pressure? Just a little.

    But late last month, as Mr. Kosinski showed “Tron: Legacy” to his cast for the first time, he was the epitome of calm; an ice sculpture would have looked like a nervous wreck next to him. “I’ve got some bad news for you,” he said to Olivia Wilde, who plays a cyber warrior named Quorra. “You’re no longer in the movie.” Ms. Wilde looked at him, blinking. Mr. Kosinski, an architect by training, waited a beat and then smiled. “Just kidding.”

    Earlier that day Mr. Kosinski, 36, slouched on a sofa in his dimly lighted office, took a careful sip of mint tea and tried to explain his unflappable demeanor. “As a director, if you know what you want, then it’s not scary,” he said. “I had a very clear idea of what I wanted ‘Tron: Legacy’ to look like.”

    If he came across as more arrogant, you might believe that he is really this confident. But he doesn’t. Raised in Marshalltown, Iowa — population 26,000 — he is quiet, polite and interested in other people’s opinions in a way that is rare in moviedom’s major leagues. Instead the cool exterior seems designed to keep people out of his head. After all, when a reporter asked him a silly question — what kind of building best describes you? — he gave a revealing answer: “Tall and thin with no windows.”

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    wordofcommand     Tue, Dec 21, 2010  Permanent link
    I was a little let down by this movie, and actually ridding Quorra from the narrative would made it a little more engaging for me; we didn't need the hapless fembot love story ...