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    Material Beyond Materials
    This symposium was this weekend at SCI-Arc in Los Angeles. Some interesting presentations and discussions regarding new materials, construction methodologies and fabrication ideas.
    Take a look through the links, lots of interesting information and ideas. All the talks were recorded, not sure if they are going to put them up online or not but they would be worth the watch if so.

    Material Beyond Materials

    Material Beyond Materials:
    A Composite Tectonics Conference on Advanced Materials and Digital Manufacturing

    960 E. 3rd Street, Los Angeles, CA

    Friday, March 25, 6-8pm
    Saturday, March 26, 10am-5pm

    Fostering direct exchange between architects and companies invested in the field of advanced materials and fabrication technologies, the Southern California Institute of Architecture (SCI-Arc) hosts Material beyond Materials—a composite tectonics conference on advanced materials and digital manufacturing.

    Taking place on the SCI-Arc campus in downtown Los Angeles, the two-day forum open to the public and the community at large will explore technological advances in composite materials, innovations in construction, and current design discourse—with some of the most important names in today’s building, fabrication and design industries.

    Material beyond Materials combines progressive presentations in the fields of architecture, the arts, engineering and materials research. Conference participants will present and discuss their most innovative ideas, projects and positions concerning materials, technology and the impact on the architecture and construction disciplines and professions.

    Michelle Addington, Professor, Yale School of Architecture
    Hernan Diaz Alonso, Graduate Program Chair, SCI-Arc; Principal, Xefirotarch
    Evan Douglis, Dean, Rensselaer Polytechnic; Evan Douglis Studio
    John Enright, Undergraduate Programs Chair, SCI-Arc; Griffin Enright Architects
    Andreas Froech, Owner, Machineous, Los Angeles
    Marcelyn Gow, Design Faculty, SCI-Arc; Partner and founding member, servo
    Craig Hodgetts, Principal, Hodgetts+Fung Design and Architecture
    Kurt Jordan, Structural Engineer specializing in composites, Jordan Composites Inc, Mill Valley, CA
    Bill Kreysler, Founder and President, Kreysler & Associates
    Mike Lepech, Stanford University
    Greg Lynn, Faculty Member, UCLA and University of Applied Arts Vienna; Principal, Greg Lynn FORM
    Urs Meier, Empa, Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology
    Achim Menges, Professor/Director, Institute for Computational Design, Stuttgart University
    Eric Owen Moss, Director, SCI-Arc; Principal and Lead Designer, Eric Owen Moss Architects
    Bill Pearson, Technical Director, North Technology Group
    Wolfgang Rieder, CEO, Rieder Composites
    Marcelo Spina, Design Faculty, SCI-Arc; Founder and Co-Principal, PATTERNS
    Ruben Suare, 3-Form Advanced Technology
    Nader Tehrani, Professor and Head of Department, Architectural Design, MIT; Founding Principal, Office dA
    Peter Testa, Design Faculty, SCI-Arc; Principal, Testa/Weiser; Founding Director, MIT Emergent Design Group
    Devyn Weiser, Design Faculty, SCI-Arc; Principal, Testa/Weiser; Founding Director, MIT Emergent Group
    Tom Wiscombe, Design Faculty SCI-Arc; Principal, EMERGENT

    Panel 1: Integrating Complexity
    Panel 2: Synthesizing Behavior
    Panel 3: Performing Environments
    Panel 4: Manufacturing Construction

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