Comment on Individualism is a disease

Wildcat Sat, Jan 5, 2008
I cannot possibly agree to the statement: “individualism is a disease”. Egoism, possibly, ego centrism, probably, selfishness, yes definitely! But individualism?

In defense of Individualism, I think that the very act of self reflection by which you denounce individualism is in fact the practice of individualism by which you can and in fact have the inherent right of having an individual opinion, view, idea, thought, sensation or otherwise.

Individualism is not in and of itself a disease, it is the conceptualization of the self as the center of the universe to the exclusion of all else that is the disease (if disease is the correct word to use in this context).

Actually I think that the more one is an individual, the more one has the realization that life is an interdependence and consists of mutual support and deep rooted relationships that benefit all individuals, without diminishing the uniqueness of each and every individual.

"Over himself, over his own mind and body, the individual is sovereign" — John Stuart Mill, On Liberty (1859), "Introductory"