Comment on Individualism is a disease

sightbyvision Sat, Jan 5, 2008
Reestablish communication, talk to the one standing next to you be it at school, in your home, or waiting for the bus.

This is a good idea.


Wildcat's post is accurate.

It's usually dangerous to say 'x' is bad or 'y' is good. Individualism, among other things, can produce alienation, but there's definitely good things that come of it too.
When something, like individualism, gets out of hand, this kind of radical counter-message ("individualism is a disease") can be nothing less than what's needed to jolt us into awareness. However, if on the opposite end of individualism is, like you say, community, then I can easily imagine an individual in a mirror culture of our own saying, "Communism is a disease."

I really like what you said though, about talking to the person right next to you. That's a person, right next to you. A whole other human being, the interaction with whom is a grand opportunity not to be foregone.