Comment on Individualism is a disease

InfoDux Sat, Jan 5, 2008
I liked the poster, and it was only out of sheer disbelief that I looked twice. How can Individualism be a disease!? ...intriguing...reckless but intriguing.
Any forward minded intellectual will reject the claim that Individualism is a disease, I think. Consumerism, materialism/vanity, narcissism, all these are causes for they should first be to the people who practice them.
Wildcat had some good points, in fact, they were so comprehensive that he pretty much killed the argument. There are however as many topics that can spring from this claim as there are egos that will fight in its response.
So, needless to say, this has called for an assessment of the "trickle-down effect" to determine the diminishing reach society will have over its individuals i.e once genetic and cognitive enhancements slowly make their way down to the shelves at Walmart. Who gets at these first will be the ones who leap, skip and jump eons before us into the future. Our fate thus depends on how well we can distribute these modes of enhancement, not on the curtailing of its root cause and promise; Individualism is here to disperse us into the universe like pollen on a windy day.