Comment on Individualism is a disease

fetherston Sun, Jan 6, 2008
All great replies that I appreciate very much, thank you.

A differentiation must be made between individualism, the political idea and individualism the frame of mind perpetuated by much of modern western cultural values. As a political idea, it's wonderful, empower and support a population at the individual level rather then statewide or nationwide control. I am in complete support of that and by no means calling it a disease.

It is the negative focus on the self perpetuated by advertising and entertainment that I am trying to call attention to as the disease. The result of these ideas creates a man isolated in him self, closed to any outside conversation that will not directly benefit him. This is the individualism I am calling a disease.

Thank you infodux, sightbyvision and wildcat for pointing out the parallels that can exist with the topic statement, and I may consider honing this idea into something that doesn't have this potential miscommunication.