Comment on Individualism is a disease

First Dark Tue, Jan 8, 2008
I heartily agree with what has been said by Wildcat and InfoDux. The title of this entry makes me cringe. Yes, worldwide humanity needs to improve greatly upon itself as a community.

A community of individuals, that is.

You seem to be neglecting the primary factors in this issue, such as tribalism (in-group/out-group mentalities, ethnocentrism, etc.) and technology (portable entertainment and communication). Whilst most humans retain primitive mindsets, technological conveniences have enabled them to travel around the world without leaving their own little bubbles of comfort and familiarity (or should I say, narrow-mindedness and ignorance). Why talk to the stranger sitting next to you waiting for the bus when you can talk to someone you already know via cell phone? Of course, there are many other factors, like the fear inculcated by others (such as parents), but I don't have time to elaborate.

No, I think you have this terribly wrong. Individualism is the cure for so many of our problems. Neither Space Collective nor any of the minds represented by it would exist were it not for individualism.

People should talk to the occasional * stranger not simply because the stranger is another human, but out of a genuine interest in this unknown person as an individual with her/his own unique identity.

And I must say, I am very uncertain what you mean by "the frame of mind perpetuated by much of modern western cultural values" but I don't think this is really individualism at all.

*There is no reason we should completely abandon our biases by talking to every stranger we find ourselves near. However, we must make sure that personal bias does not become overshadowed by narrow-mindedness, fear, and/or hostility.