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    ◊● astrophysics, perspectives
    Carl Sagan: The Cosmic Calendar / Pale Blue Dot / "To all citizens of the cosmos" / Carl Sagan warns against the fear of Science / On Mars & The Excluded Middle / Ted Turner Interviews Carl Sagan / Charlie Rose - Carl Sagan / Carl Sagan, Stephen Hawking, & Arthur C. Clarke // Albert Einstein: How I See the World / Einstein speaking // Sixty Symbols: Isaac Newton / Gravity / Large Hadron Collider (and Small Hotrod Collider) / Earth's Radius / Periodic Table of Videos / Creating the Elements // Colonizing Space - '70s Style! // Feather & Hammer Drop on Moon // Richard Feynman: The Messenger Series
    (+) // Origins: Back to the Beginning / The Picture Emerges / A Universe Hospitable to Life // Cosmic Quandaries with Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson / RNASA Speech (Part 1, 2) / 10 Questions / Beyond Belief: Tyson, Weinberg, Krauss, Harris, Shermer (+) / Full Moon effects / Tyson: 2012 // NASA Response to Crazy 2012 Claims // Atom: (Part 1) The Clash of the Titans, (Part 2) The Key to the Cosmos, (Part 3) The Illusion of Reality // Trip to the Large Hadron Collider // Cosmic Journeys: Supermassive Black Hole in the Milky Way Galaxy // Absolute Zero (Part 1, 2) // Horizon: Titan, A Place Like Home? // David Deutsch: What is our place in the cosmos? // Escape Vehicle No. 6 // The Known Universe (+) / Millennium Simulation: "The Largest Model of Our Universe" / A Voyage through the Universe // Hubble - 15 Years of Discovery // The Hubble Ultra Deep Field in 3D // Stephen Hawking's Universe - Seeing Is Believing // Carolyn Porco: Fly me to the moons of Saturn // Skydiving From The Edge Of The World // Galactic Center of Milky Way Rises // Richard Dawkins on our "queer" universe // Horizon: Space Tourists // 100 Greatest Discoveries: Astronomy // When Will Time End? // The Elegant Universe (Part 1, 2, 3) // Earth-Rise and Earth-Set // 3D Flyovers of Mars

    ◊● math
    Fermat's Last Theorem // Sixty Symbols: Pi / Magic Squares / Big Numbers / Infinity // Fractals: The Colors of Infinity // Mandelbrot Fractal Set Trip To e.214 // Restoring The Archimedes Palimpsest + Lusine - Two Dots

    ◊● cosmic creativity
    Brilliant Noise / Black Rain // Solar rework // String Ducky // OK TO GO: "Hyperspace" scenes // The Bravery - Slow Poison // Leo's Song // The Presets - My People // Parallelostory // The Strokes - You Only Live Once (Version 2) // Get Back Guinozzi - Carpet Madness // Daft Punk - Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger
    (+) // Empire of the Sun - Eclipse Broadcast // Chukwa's Approach III (The Final Encounter) // Space is the Place // Carl Sagan - 'A Glorious Dawn' ft Stephen Hawking / Symphony of Science - We Are All Connected // Magnetic Movie // Lichtfaktor: Star Wars v Star Trek // Star Wars vs Star Trek / Death Star over San Francisco // The Astronomers Dream // Cosmic Drummer (i) // What Earth Would Look Like With Rings Like Saturn // The Man Who Fell To Earth // Time Masters (Les Maîtres du temps) / Fantastic Planet (La Planète sauvage) // The Bravest Warriors // Jupiter's storms modeled on a soap bubble // Things That Float // The XX - Basic Space // LCD Soundsystem - North American Scum // 2001: A Floyd Odyssey // Le voyage dans la lune // Satellites: A User's Manual - history, physics, control, launch, why we need satellites, the future // Exploring The Universe with Elijah Wood

    { Further viewing: NASA, Sixty Symbols, Periodic Videos, NOVA, revtyson, Colliding Particles }

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    TheUndying     Sat, Feb 20, 2010  Permanent link
    Well, this post should keep me busy for awhile...
    First Dark     Tue, Feb 23, 2010  Permanent link
    haha Have fun!
    Apollo     Wed, Apr 20, 2011  Permanent link
    This is utterly amazing. First Dark: expect a glowing message from me shortly :p