Comment on Body vs Mind

folkert Sun, Jul 15, 2007
The emphasis is the on the individual because the larger phenomenon of "combined knowledge" is only as good as the individual parts—when individuals become more succesful, the entire system inherently becomes more "expansive and efficient" as a whole. I agree on the positive trend of our logical capabilities receiving more and more bandwidth in comparison to the storage ones, that's a great situation. Regarding the question about what we are good for—I think that is taking it a bit too personal as a species, we're good for everything and nothing.

Check out this article: Top 10 Transhumanist Technologies - I'm not at all a disciple of the transhumanist movement, but the piece has some compelling ideas about cryonics, virtual reality, gene therapy, space colonization, cybernetics, robots, molecular manufacturing, megascale engineering, mind uploading and artificial intelligence.

Btw, nice to see you around sir