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    excerpts from the diary of a semi-fictional human being. february. four.
    4. february:

    i watched another movie tonight. it was the kind of movie where, at some point, someone near death cries out "goodbye, cruel world!"
    i disagree. the world is not cruel. society might be cruel, your surroundings may be harsh, but these are only parts of the world, and thus not representative of everything. the world can grant you everything and take it all away, and as such the world is balanced. what keeps this balance, this... good versus evil, something, i do not know. but it is balanced. there is a kind of strange beauty in most things, seeing as i, we are unable to comprehend the vastness of just about everything.
    i'm not sure what the correct definition for "the world" might be, but i imagine it to be our planet and the immediate surroundings. what we know, and what we can investigate. with our modern age, our space-lenses and our technology, the world might be expanding. we see new places, claim new territories, and so on. we presume the universe to be infinite, so... with this constant expansion the world is infinite. the universe is infinite. upon death, are you leaving the universe? are you somehow removed from everything?

    i am still unable to sleep.

    Sat, Feb 9, 2008  Permanent link
    Categories: Philosophy
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    rene     Sun, Feb 10, 2008  Permanent link
    Funny, Al and I were just wondering where you’d been and here we receive this post. In instances like this you have to wonder if it’s mere coincidence or synchronicity. There’s so much we do not know that we can't afford to simply dismiss metaphysical concepts like telepathy. Instead of just believing or disbelieving in such speculative phenomena , we might as well give them the benefit of the doubt. Thanks for the sign of life. Good timing.

    Now let’s see if similar methods will get through to some of our other favorite minds who've been missing in action lately, like Obvious, Spaceweaver and Sjef.

    friheit     Mon, Feb 11, 2008  Permanent link
    I've found that i'm not always able to write coherently. During most days, I have these times when my thoughts are so loud i cannot hear my own voice, to put it figuratively. I find it easier to gather my thoughts and construct something out of them at night, when my mind is tired and ready to temporarily shut down. Thought-processing is slower, like a conveyor belt i can adjust the speed of, and then picking up the words and thoughts i find to be most beautiful or solid. To create something. This is why i am not updating very often, and for that i feel slightly bad. School is messing me up with information i supposedly must gather, while society is messing me up with information i don't need, so i can only limit my brief "moments of clarity" to late hours of coffee and music.

    As for this coincidence, potential telepathy... Perhaps there is a connection. Perhaps our sub-subconsciousness is hiding more from us than we think. Perhaps we have a collective subconsciousness. If so, that would be amazingly beautiful.

    Thank you for your kind words.