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    The nude feedback
    If M. Rule were commercial, he would have taken that clothes himself! 

    Sat, May 29, 2010  Permanent link

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    michaelerule     Sun, May 30, 2010  Permanent link
    top-right is something I've been wanting to see for a while. well, I'd like to see a fetus in the centre age out along the spiral and die.
    gamma     Sun, May 30, 2010  Permanent link
    Ha! Even more organic/natural-looking that this artwork.
    michaelerule     Wed, Jun 9, 2010  Permanent link
    actually, now that I remember it, my roomate did take some pics of the feedback stuff projected on his naked torso.
    gamma     Sat, Jun 12, 2010  Permanent link
    "Secret Admirer"

    Studio: Metro Interactive
    Director: Mike Quasar
    Run Length: 95:10
    Starring: Belladonna, Bobby Vitale, Briana Banks, Bridgette Kerkove, Joel Lawrence, Keri Windsor, Lola, Mark Davis, Wendi Knight

    At 1h 14m there is a scene with video feedback, where the couple is making love in front of a big screen with recursive images.