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BenRayfield Sat, Nov 27, 2010
The phrase refers to the idea that a butterfly's wings might create tiny changes in the atmosphere that may ultimately alter the path of a tornado or delay, accelerate or even prevent the occurrence of a tornado in a certain location. The flapping wing represents a small change in the initial condition of the system, which causes a chain of events leading to large-scale alterations of events

Weather simulation software proved that small changes like that really do affect tornados in a big way sometimes.

Heisenberg uncertainty does not prevent a butterfly from flapping its wings in a way that eventually creates a tornado, but it does say there is no way to know exactly how the butterfly should flap its wings to do that.

The "butterfly effect" also means when an event that does not move a lot of mass or energy happens in 1 country and a direct result is some quantum physics devices measure it in an other country, when nothing had been set up between them.

There are a list of such events and quantum measurements (from devices all over the Earth) at  (click "main results") which has done that research since 1998.

Now we have a list of examples, most of which were planned, where small events directly affected quantum measurements thousands of miles away.  has learned to use the butterfly-effect.

If you want something specific... I was 1 of the 43000 people who were the "butterfly" in  event number 351, and you can find links to my experience in it and where I expect that area of research is going, at  But  is more general than parapsychology. It includes lots of types of events.