Comment on The highest grade convictions throughout the centuries

gamma Sun, Nov 28, 2010
Randomness is above average today it seems. Ben, can I call you Ray? Ok, never mind. Hold on and calm down. Butterfly effect does not exist at all as a physical event or possibility. It does not exist in the universe, not even in the moment of big bang it did not exist. Butterflies do not move anything at all ever. They are simply a part of the statistical ensemble that adds heat to the atmosphere, which originates from the food, and this one from the sun, and this from the fusion.

There is not any force or interaction that can "spawn" or start anything. Every action requires more energy than it takes to do something useful.

Planets do not require more energy to move, they already possess it. Over time, they lose some over tidal skewing and come into resonance. It does not matter. If you consider that the planetary coordinates are uncertain, they are just present day constants. Their usefulness for predicting positions declines over time regardless of everything, because its the nature of even the simplest dynamical equations of motion.

One can demonstrate a spectrum of chaoticity in systems and claim the chaotic properties which feed on the pool of randomness. The randomness is a compilation of accidents. (These are related with the particle degrees of freedom, possible positions, etc.)

People refer to the butterfly effect in popular culture as to the chain of events - historical or the network occurrences. The object's light cone defines the spacetime of possible interactions by light sent from an object. The light signals from afar cannot signal or initiate an event such as a social change unless there is an accumulation of transhumanists across the earth.

A critical Ising magnet contains fluctuations of many different sizes. The dynamics of pattern formation is all the same across the magnet. Any uniform pattern that we create in it is a big temporary change for the system, but its consequential dynamics breaks it apart. An avalanche spreading through the network is a temporary pattern that feeds on the critical state, similar to other such patterns present at the same time.

I think that the final blow to the butterfly effect in this last context, gives the emergence. You don't need something more to get something more other than the fundamental law (no B.E. there) and the accidents. In the environment that is a network, the emergence feeds on the chaoticity in quite the opposite way. It breaks the cause and effect to bring novelty, structure and life.