Comment on The highest grade convictions throughout the centuries

BenRayfield Sun, Nov 28, 2010
I didn't say the butterfly effect generates energy. It uses energy that was already in the air.

The object's light cone defines the spacetime of possible interactions by light sent from an object.

That happens often but not every time. Quantum entanglement consistently does not do that.

You say those parts of physics are "accidents", but that is the thing we've learned in recent years is not completely true.

The important thing right now is not how it works or why; Its the fact that it does work. Small movements of mass and energy are affecting measurements thousands of miles away. By definition, that is a type of butterfly effect. Your entire argument against it appears to be based on that we don't know how it works, and we admit that, but it does work, and that is why its what this thread is asking for.