Comment on Syncing the reality

sonicport+techfolder Mon, Sep 26, 2011
I have bi-polar and in my main psychosis there was an obsession with the synchronicity and timing of things. I could time anything using public transport in London, the bin men, bird song etc without any idea what the time was in numbers night or day. I had destroyed my watch and phone. I have never been that ill in the countryside. I am a trained musician with 20 years experience and my timing and pitch was perfect when I had my episode. This enhanced the feeling of synch and I felt very empowered by it. That feeling of empowerment was too much for me because I knew I just wasn't that special. However I always seemed to keep appearing just in the right place, in the right time. If I had just left the sea, maybe the Synch/non-Synch engine, which I believe is an act of camouflage was doing all the talking. What I believed I was hiding was what the doctor was hunting for, and eventually he found me, I had turned myself in.

I'd like to find the source of polarisation which is a scale down the ladder in terms of purposeful neuron firings or whatever it is. I am about to get some advise on this.

Also I find the timing of social networks, work codes and general hubub so irritating I prefer to define time as non existent in the language of society. I feel at ease when such networks constantly share truths or share energy openly so that I can really feel what is going on around me in the space.

In music everything is defined by distance. Distance is everything. Are we really still so obsessed with dancing the dimensions in exactly the same way to be called healthy? Yes.

I can't wait for all this to be common knowledge so we can all get this right, whatever it is.

The funny thing is if your audience think you are ahead or behind, you might actually make more money.