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sonicport+techfolder Wed, Oct 5, 2011
Here is some of my Facebook data:

The biggest mistake capitalism made was running the markets from computers that have no empathy and compassion. In the future computers will be able to simulate empathy and compassion. Then it may or may not be decision time.

Repression is the sister of oppression. Oppression was born when you had your eyes open, Repression was born when you had your eyes shut.

If you only ever think of yourself when you are in the office, you are a Nazi. Everyone needs just a little empathy and compassion whatever they do in life.

The Nazi one is not necessarily true, be careful what you decide not to think about.

We have loads of mobility left at this time.

We all need a little empathy and compassion to exist.

Zachary De Santos – Robot Helpdesk .

Not another boring day in the office, a fusion of man and machine. The cyborg (you and a friend ) can be used as a public mobile noticeboard and “gamed “ by the operative ( you or another friend ) at the desk.

Cyborgs will be given challenges to be completed between themselves and their helpdesk exec who will be holding all the knobs !

pay by wizard

I'm a dimension dancer.

Can't quite get used to the main press being silenced yet.

"Anything including NIN gets auto-faved :)"
-George Orwell

Come to the party tonight and bring felt tips and a snapshot camera with usb cable/bluetooth? The system is down: what this means; unfortunately we will be stuck in the office tonight. Telling the customers we are there for them while they have a look around the showroom. Definition of cyborg; lord of paper and felt tip, you're hired.

How did it go?
Well considering I got my gear in my bag robbed by criminals in Pwllheli and that I was half starved by the time I got to the gig and found my 2 FM transmitters and power unit to my flashy broadband hotspot was missing, it went pretty well. It turned out to be a total stationary fest and was full of niceness, but it was really really strange. Was fun but I think I won't ever leave my house again now.

The performance was tight, the crowd were relieved that they were actually making art and not literally scanning knomes over my eyes all night, also the general sabotage involved was very 1983


Then I found a 3rd identical item outside ASDA in Caernarfon. I need to googlegoggle the item to see if I can find its origin, but the whole thing is so minority and I cast away the entire notion, not very native American.

Like when I fall asleep in front of a TV show on language and wake up just before the end with the need for biscuits and there is exactly one biscuit left stuck to the bottom.


I think my event structure is based on traditional model of growth, performance, justice and rest.
Where justice is thin the element of sabotage is greater, however this also crosses over with sacrifice, which is accepted as a necessary option within special conditions.

My research has been an anthropological look into the UK rave scene with cross-collaboration between different micro-cultures.
Robot Helpdesk

Interestingly, the anthropological study of western insanity is now less scary than it used to be. It is not my main interest so it falls by the wayside. As you know there are new platforms all the time.