Comment on Syncing the reality

sonicport+techfolder Sat, Oct 8, 2011
While then you are travelling my friend you need a pallet of various textured infinity and you can work with your toolkit in your environment. Sometimes MeccanoTM and sometimes it may have to be Anthropological study. Between cross-referencing data vs faith and being the data.

In audio there is sample playback, synthesis and energy translation. We can scan through all three using filtration and various forms of convolution. All this is hackable when in the digital environments. All can be broken down to the smallest bits and bytes. You can identify things within noise like a detective if you understand their micro-components.

I can see direct similarities with the latest microscopes that can re-connect carbon bonds at an electron level. This is as low as I have seen on TV.

My mission is to tackle pollution and conserve wildlife. I am not very sure if my intel mac will always be the tool for the job.