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Teacher of physics and programmer.
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    What will happen when for the first time in ages different human species will inhabit the earth at the same time? The day may be upon us when people...
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    Underground life in 2013 (non-NSA edition)
    Project: The great enhancement debate
    WOO HOO! Now you can buy LSD online. Maybe you would be interested to surf the web in another entertaining way....

    Install, then open the Tor browser and type in the following address:
    register, and you're on the "amazon of underground things".

    Unfortunately, we have to wait for months to get the latest Star Trek DVD.

    The payments are in BitCoins  you can buy from many places such as

    The "deep web" is enabled through Tor's "hidden services": find the concept in terms of Alice and Bob here


    Another, similar sounding but still rather different issue. the Pirate Bay celebrates 10 years of existence - great for us, sorry for the founders :-) Recently, they made a documentary with totally implausible claims that they all go arrested. Hm? Anyhow, I am just kidding. In my part of the world, where poor people live, piracy is like bread and water. :-)

    I currently use PeerBlock  with Deluge bittorrent client,  which may also use Blocklist plugin with a blocklist for bad peers, such as

    That said, no Star Trek: Into Darkness.

    I was reading an Edge response here:
    An Exploding Number Of New Illegal Drugs
    I spotted the answer in a blink of an eye while scrolling the page. I thought how unusual it was that so many psychedelics were discovered, given that officially there is no scientific research in this area. The concerned writer told how to buy the next big thing, and half an hour later I ordered LSD. Unfortunately, it won't arrive - I haven't paid for it.

    A compound has been discovered that has the same properties of LSD, but looks like a completely different molecule, perhaps in the phenethylamines group.

    I guess that in the future we'll be able to order beans that grow into tablets of 25-I from some kind of market, once the genetic materials become more available & they are available. The chances are we'll become psychic and communicate with the aliens like ancient Mayan's did.

    And here's the key: love of a protein receptor for the molecule made in its own image.

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    Sent to project: The great enhancement debate
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    gamma     Sun, Jul 7, 2013  Permanent link
    The NSA Special Edition

    Due to the nature of my previous post, I decided to ask the president of Chile to accept me and support me with one apartment in the Chilean capital. My letter to him contains various explanations of those events at the high school in the past... and a prayer to Virgin Mary, honorable mention of the Spanish king Juan Carlos, and some rambling about Castro. I also plan to attend the political sciences in Chile and become active I guess, in South America :-)