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    It's all for real and yet, we have not seen any greater picture

    Suggestion has emerged that life is confined in a box and that the sequential reality is overwriting its contents. So are we doomed or is there more to life?

    I tend to see this through the lens of my latest exercise in programming that deals with memory buffers and layers of data. I believe that brain differs from the layers of computer memory because of a need to strengthen the perception of each setup before it can be witnessed or memorized or used otherwise, so human memory is not layered linearly like sheets of paper. Memorization loses our sense of reality after reality in a sequence of hardships that pave the way to learning *specific* things.

    By analogy, I perceive the amazing works of this artists with some dissatisfaction over this limitation: the persistence of the studio without any windows. Similarly, other unknown preparations are taking place in my head to replace my current mental setting with the next finite piece of decor until I perhaps some day, breathe in again and spot a moving, flying object in my mind such a sparrow on my terrace. A moving mental object feels like it possesses a resonance of it own and the effect of a fuzzy world spinning around it in the background. That is the computational call of freedom - rendering.

    I guess that the fractal-like, scale-free patterns in the studio suggest extension of the confined room into nature, that is allegedly open, free and out there. The observation of patterns of different frequencies (linewidths) is disturbing the canvas and the visual interpretation machinery.

    From time to time we may have an explanation of consciousness, and then we officially don't have any explanation of consciousness in science at all.

    Recently, while attending mcb80x course in neuroscience, I heard the professor say that a signal would take months to propagate from a neuron to reach the arms length by means of diffusion. Instead, the signals propagate through myelinated wires as action potentials that involve electrical properties of very thin membrane.

    And here I am thinking about this fictional glowing, colored, cloud that is slowly diffusing through the consciousness and has a million fine-grained turbulent little details. And then, some day it hits you with an idea that was traveling since you were a kid onwards and only now you looked at it directly.

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