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    Man found on another planet
    Project: The great enhancement debate

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    Autotelic     Sat, Jan 18, 2014  Permanent link
    I am surprised he has lived for 60 years, in the one minute video he manages to inhale smoke by sitting in front of a trash fire, smoking 5 cigarettes at one time, and what looked to be smoking out of some repurposed lawn ornament. This guy could make millions working for the cigarette company telling people smoking doesn't kill.
    nedzen     Tue, Jan 21, 2014  Permanent link
    Or maybe he wants to turn into a smoking crustacean. Interesting case, It rises questions: Why did he chose not to use wanter any more? was he constrained by the circumstances or maybe he has a phobia. How he feeds himself.? and how does he feels when he sees other people who are clean ? it would be nice to know more about the story of this guy otherwise he's just another volatile freak sensation of the internet.