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    Unflood Balkans

    Several months ago I posted to my Facebook wall that we have finally beaten USA by using snow. Of course, it would have been better if I had given some thought to the strangely convenient fact that there was no winter at the 45 degrees North in Serbia. Climate is obviously changing.

    Exactly one year ago, there was a brief flood in my town and I was on my bike completely wet and submerged. I kind of think that that was an amazing event. For the first time ever, I decided to drive the entire cycling event together with the crowd that was rapidly melting. About 40-60 people finished the tour.

    The question is, will this weather repeat itself? If it is going to repeat every year, given the jokes on America, I think we might get substantially less money by begging for it... from the America.

    After a few days, CNN reported that there was an OMEGA PATTERN above us. I did not expect anything less than the omega pattern. Its an independent storm system like a hurricane that sits on top of a single area and spins and has lost connections to other streams of air. It was initially like the capital Greek letter omega connected with the northern currents around the globe, but then it became just a vortex. It rained for about a week or maybe less, but the amount of water was huge (like, 3 or 4 months of rain at once).

    This was predicted by the meteorologists, so some authorities are going to answer to the other authorities about inaction, probably.

    Some are in jail for spreading panic via Facebook. That's very modern.

    The sky was yellowish brown everyday, muddy and there wasn't any lightning. It seems that there is less and less lightning around here.

    17000 people signed a paper to close down the HAARP weather control center, an imaginary center of world domination by Masons, Americans, CIA, whomever. The head of Serbian orthodox church said that the event was due to Conchita Wurst, the latest winner of the Eurovision song contest.

    Hold on tight and get ready to faint. Footballer named Ronaldo, allegedly donated 6.5 millions of some money to Serbia to help the flood victims.

    Now lets talk money.

    On this site, you will find two options to donate: by Paypal and by wire transfer.

    Bosnia and Croatia were also struck by these floods.

    Here you can take a free online course in Natural Disasters

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