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    Spaceweaver     Sat, Nov 13, 2010  Permanent link
    As I observe Gavin's map of the Polytopia which I come to like more and more, I have noticed, at least in the last few emerging generations of the map (there were quite a few), a certain emerging direction. The iconic shapes become each less formal and more fluid and also they become pretty much close to each other which only accentuates the subtlety and nuance of the difference between them and what they stand for.

    This is a very interesting process, and I can easily imagine all these shapes converging in their own diversity into a kind of a 'Mahamudra' - a gesture that carries them all within a virtual creative dimension, not only not eliminating their differences in its unity, but actually allowing their singularity to come forth in full power. This is how I see the Polytopia and the special relations emerging among its constitutive conceptual components.

    Thank you Gavin !
    CoCreatr     Sun, Nov 14, 2010  Permanent link
    Wow, this chart speaks. Feels as if we are in progression from a particle (individual core) interaction model to a wave (resonant affinity) concept. Connecting dots when they come within reach.

    Repeated reflecting of enlightenment, however dim, between two semi-conscious mental mirrors can cause what to emerge? A focused bundle of directed mental energy, to probe, to illuminate, to point out. Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation again. Essentially a resonance phenomenon. This how it feels when bright minds engage in live energetic conversation.
    starwalker     Mon, Nov 15, 2010  Permanent link

    Gavin hello!

    Agreeing with Spaceweaver, this map really has a fascinating character, and quite an ability to grow. While at work knowing that someone at the (so called) other side of the line is managing to pick up the threads and floating lines of thought was quite a strong part of the event. Definitely a catalyst in the possibility of coagulation, and must say a very fertile result. We find the way to do this more!

    Looking at the last generation of the map another thought came to my mind, if we’ll manage to have the icons recognizable enough and well tied to the conceptual pointers, we could make them into kind of ‘game-units’ that anybody in the Polytopia project might decide to assign to his or her personal time-capsule, or maybe to the posts that one writes (kind of unique tagging system). This could be a very good way to find out in real time which other conceptual pointers+icons demand to be generated, and over time we may follow their development in numbers and time as a grid to discuss:

    what is that we wish to see in the future development of a Polytopia;
    what requires more development or articulation;
    which concepts mostly pair and connect.
    And more

    And it may definitely make the work of producing next map generations much less qualitative and more organic and inclusive of the plurality we are.

    your thoughts?
    gavinkeech     Mon, Nov 15, 2010  Permanent link
    thanks Spaceweaver, CoCreatr and starwalker :)


    starwalker, thanks again for the immersivity we all experienced in the generation of what has come to be and will continue to grow.

    let's continue this and plugin as many movements as we are capable.

    by true nature of it, the more that is connected, the more that polytopia is enabled to reach a wider audience.

    acceptance and respect of all flavours that come to be, will increase if we open it up with interactivity.

    totally agree with the 'game-units' aspect potential of the icons.
    this ties in well with what the metacodes project is about, which @notthisbody and myself have been working on.

    participation and interplay through a game mechanism is the next sight for discovery, for all who have intrigue to enter, can do so without a burden of thought, to begin building the grounds for engagement, in it's own terms.
    starwalker     Fri, Nov 19, 2010  Permanent link

    Definitely the interaction with the universe of the metacodes you and nothisbody are working at is a fertile one, possibly an off-spring this thought may help us step into a possible next phase.

    I think it would make a lot of sense in the environment of the polytopia, and of Space Collective, to try a system of graphic tagging of the content, specifically when the graphic is born within the process of extraction of meaningful information. As in this case in which the icons are created along with the emergence of the clusters of keyconcepts and may continue to be created according to the evolution of interaction: polytopia – keyconcepts – icons

    It could be a tool that allows in a quite straight forward fashion each one that enters and participate in the project to size and interact with the main concepts at play in a given moment, to discuss and eventually promote the growth of the pool of existing concepts and icons.

    Possibly all it would take at the moment is for someone to willfully copy and paste one or more of the icons at the beginning or end of his or her post, to relate it to a particular keyconcept. This post, just to begin playing with examples, may be coupled for ex. with the icon of ‘accessibility’ – it deals with interfaces (and very esthetic ones:) and making a story more accessible.
    Would you agree?
    gavinkeech     Sun, Nov 21, 2010  Permanent link

    hi starwalker,
    yes, i totally agree :)

    i've put together gen001 for us to play with (right click and save as, or download the zip file linked below - which will have file namings intact).

    you can download a zip file with all the current polytopia key concept metacodes* as shown above here, for convenience:

    talk soon.

    Fast T     Mon, Nov 22, 2010  Permanent link
    @gavinkeech and starwalker, a brilliant idea and performance :) something about applying icons raises up the "gamefullness" dimension in the interaction. I believe it is at least partially to do with a more homogeneous dimension of interpretation, perhaps strengthening a collective sense of sharing understanding. A pre or is it post? verbal occupation that adds an attractive layer. Thanks for the zip file link.
    Wildcat     Wed, Nov 24, 2010  Permanent link
    Gavin, very many thanks for the work you are doing here, I think that as we progress into our hyperconnected virtualities, we will eventually be able to accommodate a meta processing of different languages that will allow us to convey a deeper semantical profile.

    What we need at present is a fashion of communication that will implement the symbolical in such a way as to be both easily translatable into common language and a higher connectivity machine (map?) that will recognize the symbolic connectivity to each other, in this fashion we will be able to reflect upon the depth of emergence as it engenders the creative evolution of our intersubjective identities.
    In this regard, a lexical indexing of the mapping terms is in order. (I am in the process of writing such and will soon publish).
    we need see how to combine these with Jarno's work.
    gavinkeech     Fri, Nov 26, 2010  Permanent link
    Wildcat, thank you also for the interplay that is happening. there is a real momentum bringing about actionable steps in creating tangibility to this project, that of the multiple entrances and exits opening up for more to see that there is scope, for so much more.

    as we discussed together a couple of days ago, focus on building an interactive representation of gen010 polytopia map (evolving as gen011) will also allow others to sense the fluidity and ambience of the environment that is emerging - the grounds for engagement+.

    i look forward to seeing all the efforts increase this momentum further as there is more to connect with, which is amplifying all this growth together.