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    Space Elevator Information

    This member can highly recommend the following post concerning the necessity and feasibility of constructing a "space elevator". Here is the page: 

    Talk back to me!


    Sun, Mar 30, 2008  Permanent link

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    carel     Mon, Mar 31, 2008  Permanent link
    "Space elevators face wobble problem" New Scientist article: 
    sjef     Mon, Mar 31, 2008  Permanent link
    The Spaceward Foundation hosts Elevator:2010 - the Space Elevator Challenge. Competitions are held in power beaming & tether strength.

    A bunch of resources & links to other sites with up-to-date space elevator information can be found there as well.

    According to their 'How close?' page a tether material has now been developed that would meet the minimum strength requirements. Exciting stuff. (well for some :))
    sarahf     Mon, Mar 31, 2008  Permanent link
    Arthur C. Clarke has been right many, many times before.